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Updated: Dec 27, 2023

This is a novel I cherish despite the +18 rating. It took me four years to write this story of more than 500 pages, and I have never done a better epic job since then.

THE LAST CONSORT is a fictional narrative of a fantastic world of humans, immortals, half-immortals, and everything in between.

The book tells the story of an ancient quest for a mythical creature said to be the solution to the destabilizing chaos a former goddess had imposed on Man’s world. This Veilda, or last wife of a half-immortal guard of the gods, possesses the ability to change or destroy the said semi-immortal guard, who the fallen goddess had transformed into a rampaging flesh-eating monster to terrorize the humans.

It gets more complicated than this. The said goddess intends to ultimately become the supreme leader of the immortals. The one being Mankind reveres the most. She hopes to achieve this by killing off the people who refused to worship her using the aforementioned guard of the gods now a flesh eater. Only a small group of resilient individuals led by a young novice stands in her way. This group of characters try to deal with various personal challenges as they embark on the said mission.

One realizes the immersive environment awaiting the reader as soon as the actual reading gets underway. One event leads to another until a climactic scenario ushers in the story’s final revelation, which ultimately realigns the opposing forces in the tale before a grand upheaval resolves the most important questions the reader wants answers to.

I got my inspiration for the different kingdoms in this fantasy world from many of our real world historical cultures. The Kingdom of Pergush represents many societies. The ancient Romans, Greeks, Barbarians and Arabs all played a part in creating the islands that made up this fictional Pergushian nation.

The Pergushian soldiers I called Star Elders or Ytzars. Their backstory is as enchanting as the fighting skills they possess. This added excitement and a sense of adventure to the fantasy, though the most inspiring part of this narrative is the twist before and at the end of it all. Of course, the quest for the Veilda unveils so many hidden mysteries in the novel, but the Veilda, herself, turns out to be quite the revelation.

Enjoy the read.

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