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His Art

George Shadow collaborates with to bring you His Art. Carved-out silhouettes playing, dancing, and embracing courage in your living rooms. Click here to buy.


Example of His Art in a living room
Example of His Art in a living room.

Ukachukwu Chidube George (aka George Shadow) has been an artist and a writer for almost three years now, although he’s a physiotherapist living in Nigeria. Creativity is his first love, and he has as his motivation for the art he works on, as well as his BOOKLORD ADVENTURE SERIES, such titles as the HARRY POTTER Series by J. K. Rowling and THE LORD OF THE RINGS by J. R. R. Tolkien. His Silhouette brand, as displayed on this page, brings generically inspiring characters to life in your living spaces. Click here to buy from

Example of His Art in a living room.

His Art captivates with its intricate beauty and profound messages, transcending the ordinary to offer a profound reflection of the human condition.

His Art invites contemplation, challenging perceptions and fostering a deep appreciation for the interplay of form, color, and meaning. It is a visual language, conveying emotions, cultural narratives, and societal critiques.  It is also a timeless testament to creativity's boundless potential and power to shape and redefine our world understanding.

What He Values

Example of His Art in a living room.

His Gallery

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