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Updated: Jan 31

Wow. Watching this movie was a blast. Kevin Hart being levelheaded and less comedic was a welcome deviation from his usual role. Yes, the movie reminded me of OCEAN’S 11, but in a good way.

Okay, spoilers ahead.


Enter a team of art thieves with the competence of a military outfit. A lift is busted and they must save themselves by doing one serious job for INTERPOL, which involves stealing a precious mineral from an A380. Strap yourselves in for the ride, because you’re in for a hell of a ride with this one.

LIFT has all the trappings of a heist movie, and so much more. Her characters are set in marble and play their roles well enough to up the entertainment here. Their rigorous preps and attention to detail could have been frustratingly boring for some of us if not for the interestingly different ways every member of this particular team tackled their challenges, as well as the personal behaviors that always came into play during this initial operational process. The villain of the day doesn’t disappoint, either. His diabolical plan to take on the natural establishment and kill millions in the process while making millions for himself is one for the history books. And he doesn’t like repeating himself, so apparent enemies end up neatly chopped up and packaged in grocery bags that wash up off the Irish coast.

A series of unfortunate developments cause our team of art thieves to improvise during the operation, and boy, does it get tense way up there in the sky aboard a humungous A380. Bring in guns you can assemble after smuggling them onto a plane, as well as zealous goons willing to do the bidding of their villainous boss, and you got yourself an entertaining upheaval in the skies above Europe. A nerve-wracking landing and satisfying culmination follow all this, with a mind-blowing twist coming in at the tail end of this guaranteed action thriller for the heist enthusiasts amongst us.

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