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Updated: Dec 27, 2023

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Zack Snyder's sci-fi epic just dropped a few days ago and I couldn't help but notice the string of negative reviews coming from various so-called ‘established’ movie critics plying their trade all across the internet. It was as if they needed the movie to fail from day one. Like there was an agenda with this sole objective. I guess it has always been like that with the iconic filmmaker’s projects, many of which have gone on to become cult classics despite the negativity the ‘critique establishment’ tried to clothe them with during their cinema runs. Rebel Moon’s journey will not be different.

After watching it stream on Netflix I had only one impression. Explosive filmmaking with Zack Snyder’s trademark slow motion put into effective use during fast-paced fight scenes that the Star Wars franchise could learn a thing or two from. Our naysayers claimed it was a Star Wars clone and I strongly disagree. This movie has its own unique worlds and background stories. It might have borrowed from movies the producers liked during their childhood, but so did other movies. Star Wars did the same thing.

Zack Snyder has crafted a rounded world in Rebel Moon, where the noted otherworldly species don’t feel like puppets on strings. Star Wars is child's play compared to this. The recent spin-offs from that franchise had no soul. No guts. As if their characters knew they couldn't fill the shoes of their predecessors. Period. End of the discussion. No. I'll boldly go beyond that. Had it been that George Lucas met Zack Snyder when he was embarking on that franchise…see where I’m going? We would have gotten so much more from Star Wars.

Rebel Moon does a good job of hiding most of the gore yet losing no iota of action sequence. Everything is on display, down to the sounds of the flaming blades of the samurai woman and the grunts and whines of ship rocket engines. With its grand scale, expansive universe, meticulously crafted plot, and riveting action sequences, it embodies the unmistakable Zack Snyder style. I strongly recommend everyone to give it a watch. You will feel the tension in the place from the comfort of your living room. You will feel that you're not just watching a movie but experiencing it, and that is how to tell a great story.

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