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Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Hi, everyone. Blogging is not an easy fit, especially if you haven’t been cranking out such pieces and just decided to start this seemingly continuous affair with your smartphone or tablet with no clue as to how to begin or go about it. I’ve been on and off this, but I guess it’s now time to seriously face it.

Well, what can I say? My blog goes live as soon as I’m through with this first piece! Of course, the journey beyond this is anybody’s guess, but I know I’ll do my best. I’ll be exploring the themes running through my novels: fantasy, time travel, history, and sci-fi. Of course, we know that the future, our future, is science-driven technology, but a look back at the history of our world is a good lesson for Mankind going forward.

I’ll be exploring new and old technologies, as well as historical stories in my subsequent posts. I’ll pick stories and events that interest and excite, both historical and futuristic, because the world, our world, is full of them.

I’ll also be posting links to new music I enjoy on my blog, as well as the artists behind these masterpieces because I love music. I started writing and composing when I was in secondary school. Of course, I hope to develop that gift further when the right team comes along, and you’ll certainly be hearing some of my songs right here on my blog with links to my website at the right time.

And finally, my silhouette artwork can be purchased through the FineArtAmerica link on my website. I will be writing about artworks of interest when I come across any, but this blog will be more about the topics I highlighted earlier, as well as tips on writing and any other issue I deem important at any point in time. Just watch this space.

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