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Updated: Dec 27, 2023

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The Great War (according to the Soviet Union) or World War Two (according to everyone else) fascinates me. Yes, that particular world war. It’s one of the recurrent backstories in my Booklord Adventures series. The reason for this, apart from the exciting role the Second World War plays in my plot lines, is quite simple: there are so many lessons to learn from that catastrophically historic international debacle. Ever thought of why individual nations should strive to embrace peace? Ever wondered why annexing another country is a very bad idea? And why should one not trust one's best friend (in this case the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany)? Get a history book on World War Two.

British soldiers training. ©

The Second World War was a clear indication that even democracies can produce tyrants and evildoers. Adolf Hitler was legally elected as Germany's chancellor. He then went on to advocate for Lebensraum or living space for his people across and beyond Europe. This led to that bloody war, and from around 1938 to 1945, the raging inferno across the world swallowed the lives of millions in many countries. If not for the merciful declarations made by the Allies at the end of it all, the Axis powers, especially Germany, Japan, and Italy, would have lost considerably more than they did.

British flight officers. ©

World War Two was a campaign filled with stories of hope and disappointment, courage and despair. These are very exciting narratives and I am still extracting many backstories from the archives established before, during, and after this dark period. Weaving these stories into my novels has helped me to better understand and appreciate the war's many tragedies and triumphs. The Battle of Britain, Dunkirk, and the Holocaust are a few tragically outstanding examples of human endurance and resilience the world has ever recorded in its history.

American tank crews. ©

Rapid advances in science and technology were recorded during this time of historical strife. The searchlight, rifle, submarine, amphibious, and armored vehicles all got major updates. Research and technical procedures that improved human resources and agricultural endeavors were duly established. Although the worst scientific scandals were also recorded during this calamitous period, major achievements in medicine established modern hospital care, further adding to, as well as improving the professions found in the health sector.

American medics treating a wounded soldier. ©

The great war’s history continues to spew out wonderful stories of courage and triumph long after the last shots of the war's last battles were fired. Saving Private Ryan, Hacksaw Ridge, Captain America, Fury, Defiance, Downfall, Unbroken, Valkyrie, Schindler's List, and Stalingrad are some of the bold movies entertainment outfits have produced from World War Two. Many upcoming authors continue to be inspired by one of the most expansive campaigns in human history. The reason for this should never be in doubt. Keep watching this space.

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