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Good concept, interesting plot, fast-paced reading, and satisfying ending. I especially love the historical places and different dialects, which means the author did his research well."


An awesome read! Been a long time since I enjoyed an adventure fantasy novel this much. The historic events and peoples are thoroughly researched and expressed, too."

“I enjoyed the premise of kids traveling through various important historical events and interacting with key players in those events. A lot of characters are also set apart by their race or nationality, which I don’t often encounter in children’s literature.”


- BooksAreMagic


- Santosh, India

- Tom Skeater


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  • San Francisco Festival of Literature
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    500 Terry A Francois Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94158, USA
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George Shadow



George Shadow, aka Ukachukwu Chidube George, is a passionate author of fantasy, science and realistic fiction. His novels include THE BOOKLORD ADVENTURES SERIES and THE LAST CONSORT, a fantasy novel of love, greed and betrayal.

A committed physiotherapist by profession, George has spent the last decade writing exciting material for his fictionalized worlds and creating lifelike characters to fill the adventurous pages of his novels with their lively performances and dare-devilry.

He is currently adding finishing touches to his third novel, THE WHITE BOOK, and resides in Owerri with his family.




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